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Listed below are The Miracle League of Amherstburg Board Memeber which consist of a group of dedicated community leaders.

  • Shawn Dufour, President

    To be announced
  • Lynn Pouget, Vice President

    To be announced: 
  • Maureen Meloche, Secretary

    To be announced
  • Melissa Goulin-Weaver, Treasurer

    To be announced
  • Karen Rosati, Registration Coordianator

    Karen Rosati

    Positions: Registration Coordinator


  • Laura George, Public-Media Relations & Media Coordinator

    To be announced
  • Wes Ewer, Social Media/Web Page Coordinator

    To be announced



  • Angela Kelly, Team Coordinator

    To be announced.
  • Sandra Paisley, Buddy Co-Ordinator

    To be announced
  • Rob Iftaniuk, Game Day/Equipment Coordinator

    To be announced!
  • Chuck Kelly, Sponsors/Fundraising Coordinator

    To be announced