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  • My family and I came to watch a game last week to cheer on our friends and their son. And I cannot tell you how impressed we were with this organization!!! What an amazing way to celebrate these amazing people!! You have thought of everything to make this experience a fabulous one for the players and the spectators!! Great work you are doing!!!

    Marissa Simkins Hatt
  • My daughter recently volunteered along with her Windsor Wildcats 10U fastpitch team to help with the Miracle League.  I had previously heard about the League coming to Amherstburg through my involvement in youth baseball/softball in our community for more than a decade.  Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when we arrived.   The field, the scoreboard, the mascot, the announcer, the volunteers, the fans.  No matter their age or ability, the teams took the field along with their buddies.  What stood out, most importantly, were the smiles on the faces of the players from their excitement in being able to participate in such a terrific game.  It was a sight I will never forget.   On behalf of Unifor Local 2458, it is an honour and a privilege to now be a part of the Miracle League family as an incredibly proud community sponsor.

    Mike Kisch 1st Vice President Unifor Local 2458
  • I want to thank you again for allowing my family the wonderful opportunity of helping out on Saturday. I think that there were very few of us who realized the magnitude of what happens at the Miracle League. I know that several of us plan on stopping out more often to give a hand. Also, we are all talking about doing the same thing next year. My Mom was so pleased with the entire event. I'm just happy that she was feeling well enough to come out and spend the entire day there. It did all of our hearts good to be there.

    Lynn Pouget (Boussey)
  • I sent this letter to the editor of the Star today, hope it gets published If it does not, Thank vou to all the volunteers of the Miracle League of Amherstburg for another wonderful season! I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful volunteers of the Miracle League Baseball League of Amherstburg.  The Miracle League of Amherstburg, Ontario enables children and adults with disabilities with a chance to play baseball as a part of a team in an organized league. Every week the same wonderful volunteers are out there on field and behind the scenes to ensure that all our players experience the joy of playing baseball. It is recognized that you the volunteers sacrifice your entire Saturdays to this league and it is very much appreciated.   It is observed how attentive each of the volunteers are, ensuring all players get to participate and just have fun. All players are able to express themselves in a caring, friendly, encouraging environment. My son Gregory has severe Autism and has enjoyed three wonderful seasons with the league. Every Saturday when I take, out his uniform he knows he is going to "play ball" and smiles and laughs our entire. drive to the diamond.  Some of the happiest moments of my life have been playing baseball on this League with my son and I can tell by the way he smiles and laughs, and runs around the diamond that Gregory feels the same way. Special thank you to our team "Thunder" parents Loanne and Mike Miron and assistant coaches Katie and Grace for your enthusiasm and dedication.

    Mary Beth Rocheleau
  • Thank you, Thank you! I wasn't sure if you encouraged postings directly on the page, but wanted to shout it out to the world we had such an amazing time today with our little 'Rookie' Jonathan playing baseball for his very 1st time. We were so grateful for the overwhelmingly warm welcome we received from everyone, Jacob, Jonathan's buddy was amazing!! The Team Mom's so genuine and welcoming! The helpers on the field, tossing a ball and interacting with Jonathan. The announcers made us laugh a lot every time we heard the play by play for the "Rookie" hard to fight back tears through much of it, from the tears of admiration for the demonstrated love and dedication of a lost member to tears of Joy, watching the smile and interactions Jonathan had today. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you to everyone!! What an amazing group of people, That is the gift that Jonathan has given us, not only continued amazement and love for him, but the new world we are privileged to experience, so many amazing people we are encountering and are thankful for it all!

    Dawn Shepard
  • Hello Chuck,
    Outside of working with the Miracle League, which I am very thankful for, I really want to say thank you for pushing me a little to sign Abby up for Baseball. While driving to A burg today I was worried that Abby would start having an episode and things not working out but to my great surprise she was calm and seemed to enjoy herself.  It made the world of difference to our family. In general, today was the first time I could ever remember that our entire family did something together as a whole and it was you and the Miracle League that made it happen. So I want to thank you personally for making this happen. In our lives, our family is always split up because one of us always has to stay behind to care for Abby but today was the start of something new. Even our oldest came out today which is somewhat of a rarity because with him being a teenager he is not interested in his family most of the time. I was really surprised to see Abby do so well and it was all because of you and Ann and Michele who told us she could do it. What happened out their today was a miracle and not just for Abby, for our family as well and from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank U. I think Abby felt at peace out their knowing that their were kids out there just like her because she was a lot less tense than she usually is. It was nice to have support from everyone out there and for once in a very long time Chuck, we felt like a normal family cheering on our daughter. I thank all of the volunteers, the paramedics that were on site in case of an emergency and everyone for being nice to us and Abby and Michelle who came right up to us after and gave us some great advice on how we can do other things as a family and not have to wait in line for things like the zoo or Disney, etc. I left the park today knowing that my little girl could play baseball when before.  I thought there would be no way in the world she could so thank you. I think what happened today is much more than the kids playing ball . I think what happened today was that parents could feel just as happy as the kids did because brought everyone together. Say thank you to Michele because she stopped us and talked to us for a while which made me feel good about ourselves and as a family. This day I can honestly say, I will never forget.

    Kevin Locking
  • Volunteering your time for the Miracle League of Amherstburg will bring a smile to your face.  It was a great experience; seeing the faces of the players as they made their way up to bat and around the bases was priceless. If you can spare some time on Saturdays you won't be sorry that you volunteered. It was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again for the fall season.

    Bonnie DesJardins
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