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Role of an Umpire

An Umpire is crucial to the atmosphere and flow of the game.

An Umpire demonstrates support and encouragement to each player by cheering for the player as he or she runs the bases, using dramatics to call the player "SAFE" at home plate with arms extended and giving a high five or words of inspiration as they cross home plate.

Each player bats every inning and bats until they hit the ball. There are no outs and every player scores a run.  The Umpire should provide encouragement to the player as much as possible. An Umpire is encouraged to suggest use of a tee if a player is struggling to hit the ball.


Duties of an Umpire

  1. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled game.
  2. Umpire must wear Miracle League Umpire shirt and Miracle League hat, (provided).
  3. Umpires are responsible for setting up the tee, if required, and ensure the tee and bat are removed immediately after a player hits the ball to allow player to safely run to first base.
  4. Umpire should call "Time Out" if he or she observes a player requiring assistance on the field or at home plate and report to Announcers.
  5. Umpires calls "Batter Up" when all is safe at home plate to signal player on deck to come to bat.
  6. Umpire usually ump’s either the first two games of the day or the last two.  An every week commitment is not required.

Rules of an Umpire

  1. Full attention is required on the field. Player safety is # 1 priority.
  2. An umpire should not interfere with the efforts of a player’s buddy.
  3. Use of cell phones on the field is prohibited.
Boy in wheelchair batting Umpires
Players at home plate