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Buddy Leader

Buddy Director

Directs and organizes for the Buddy Program. Coordinates and directs the Buddy Leader, Buddy Administrator and Player advocate.
  • Attend all board meetings.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, dignity and respect for each player and their family. Be a role model.
  • Participate in league activities such as registration, publicity, coaching, special projects and fundraisers.
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  • Communicate regularly with other board members.
  • Assists with volunteer director campaigning for new buddies.
  • Set‑up and run buddy training system, proper policies and procedures.
  • Prepare game schedule for buddy leaders and player advocates to follow.
  • Offer support and direction to the buddy administrator, buddy leader and player advocate.
  • Listen to and incorporate into the program valid suggestions offered by Buddy Administrator, Buddy Leader and Player Advocate.        
  • Identify ways to improve the Buddy Program and coordinate and implement the changes.

Buddy Leader

Advocates for and supervises and trains the Buddies.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, dignity and respect for each player, Be a role model.
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  • Review each week the responsibility of a buddy. Lead by example. Be a role model.
  • Assist in training of buddies.
  • Working with the buddy administrator and player advocate determine which players require the assistance of a  buddy and assign the appropriate person.
  • Work with administrator to fill in weekly roster, ex. which players have same buddy, players needing assistance each week, how many buddies are required for each team.
  • Work closely with buddies on the diamond to ensure they are offering the support the player requires and are comfortable with their responsibilities.
  • Provided the parents agree, encourage buddies to get to know their Miracle League player both on the off the field.
  • Supervise guest "buddies" we may have scheduled to participate. (e.g. Canadian Tire employees, firemen,  Amherstburg Minor Baseball player, Minor Hockey etc.)
  • Bring suggestions and ideas from our buddies to the attention of the Buddy Director

Buddy Administrator

Responsible for all the administrative duties and record keeping required by Buddy Program.
  • Work closely with the director, buddy leader and player advocate.
  • Present at diamond each game day
  • Sign in buddies upon arrival at the diamond.
  • Obtain a signed waiver from every buddy.
  • Collect and maintain a data base with buddy contact information.
  • Record weekly the arrival of buddies and their individual assignments to players.
  • Ensure each buddy is given a yellow shirt and advise they must wear this shirt when on the diamond.
  • Provide any administration support the buddy program may require. Example emails, handouts, schedules, etc.

Player Advocate

To advocate for players and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment while playing baseball
  • Present on the diamond when the games are in play.
  • Working with the Buddy Leader to ensure each player has an appreciate buddy and that the match is working well.
  • Pay close attention to the players interaction on the diamond, both on the field and in the dug outs. Be aware of subtle changes in behavior that may require early intervention.
  • Trouble‑ shoots and intervenes in any areas where the players or buddies are having difficulties.
  • Assist with players who do not require a buddy but could benefit from a little direction on the field, (ex. correct method of base running, time given for each batter to complete their turn, interaction with other players on field).
  • Offer assistance to Team Mom's, Players and Buddies to ensure the games are fun and safe for everyone.
  • Lead by example, be a role model, most of all have fun.
2 boys at home base with umpire Buddy Leader
Man helping boy in wheelchair to bat Buddy Leader