Paramedic Week
Paramedic Week
Posted May 26, 2016

During Paramedic Week, we want to take a moment to recognize our local EMS who are continuous supporters of the Miracle League and our athletes. These dedicated Paramedics volunteer their time each Saturday to ensure the safety of our athletes & to make sure the players have an overall fun-filled day.  
A HUGE Miracle League THANK YOU for caring for us and so many others. You make a BIG difference in the lives of many!!

Wind, rain and yes even snow.
Wind, rain and yes even snow.
Posted May 15, 2016

Wind, rain and yes even snow is not going to stop us from playing baseball! Thank you to all who braved the elements to be a part of the day. A very special thank you to our volunteers who dressed a wee bit warmer so they could make the day happen.

We continue to hope for warm weather and sunshine for the weeks ahead. 

Opening Day May 07, 2016
Opening Day May 07, 2016
Posted May 08, 2016

Opening Day was nothing short of AMAZING!! We were so excited to welcome our new players & families as well as all of our returning players. It was wonderful to see the joy and excitement as the players entered the ML field.  
A BIG Miracle League thank you to the office of Dr. Voth, Dr. Lalani and Dr. Parete Orthodontists who came out to volunteer at our games as well as held a bake sale to help raise money for us. Loved the delicious treats as well as the smiling faces of the all the staff!  
We are equally thankful to Mayor DiCarlo who came to throw the "opening pitch" and ended up staying to volunteer with us for entire day. We had so much fun with him!!  
Finally - THANK YOU to our many many volunteers. We could not make Miracle League happen each and every week without you!! smile emoticon

Game Day Sept. 26, 2015
Game Day Sept. 26, 2015
Posted September 27, 2015

So many wonderful moments shared today. Thanks to the grade 8 students from St. Joseph's Church (River Canard) who came out with their families to volunteer today. All of you were a big help! We are so happy you spent some time with us. We also want to thank our friends from the Scotia Bank (Amherstburg Branch) who sponsored our BBQ today and brought with them great support and enthusiasm. These fine folks not only handled the bbq but joined in for some dancing and Miracle League fun!! Thank you to all for bringing smiles and laughter to us today.  smile emoticon

Celebration Day
Posted September 20, 2015

For those of you who missed our celebration today, here are the beautiful words of support and recognition Mayor DiCarlo shared with us today:

Amherstburg has a vast array of amenities, clubs, festivals, events and historical sites. Individually...and combined...they define what makes this community one of the greatest places to live and visit. The Miracle League holds a very special place in this list, as it embodies so many of the attributes of all the other combined.  Unique and historical - although it is not that old, it is already historical as the first Miracle League in Canada, built and running for years before another was built in the Country's capital. I can't stress how incredible it is that a relatively small group of volunteers took it upon themselves to realize this extraordinary venue. Community support - as I see it...the Miracle League defines our community...people volunteering their time, working together for the betterment of their family, friends, and people they've never met before. Inclusive - a venue..without the typical barriers still found in too many include children and adults that need a different kind of playing field People - you can't have a community without people...our people are the most dedicated, caring and giving group of volunteers.