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“Giver” premiere screened at Libro Centre
“Giver” premiere screened at Libro Centre
Posted June 04, 2015

By Adam D’Andrea


The episode of the TVOKids show “Giver” filmed in Amherstburg debuted Monday night, but around 50 people were treated to a special premiere screening at the Libro Centre last Sunday.

The local children involved with the program, as well as their families and friends, enjoyed an advance viewing of the episode which documents the construction of the Libro Centre’s accessible playground. “Giver” provided a number of kids with the chance to help design, build and open the park over the course of three days.

“The crew was fantastic with the kids. Really, really nice people to work with,” said Louanne Miron, whose 11-year-old son Julien was featured in the episode. “They had all kinds of kids with different abilities and they worked with them, and they did so well.”

Although the kids and parents had to work long hours with the crew to ensure the park would be completed in three days, Miron said she loved being involved and her son learned a lot through the experience.

“The cooperation part of it, how to volunteer and how to give back,” Miron said. “A lot of kids who are differently abled are usually the ones who are receiving all of the help, and this time they’re the ones giving the help which is really nice.”

Sammy Uprichard, another local child featured in the episode, agreed the days were long and hard but he had a great time.